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Car restoration underway ahead of rally

Preparations by the Total Lubmarine sponsored team Les Mar M’Arts taking part in Europ’Raid, a 10,000 kilometre rally in a Peugeot 205 across Europe, are coming along well.

The 205 has had new tires and brakes fitted, allowing it to succesfully pass its roadworthiness test.

Work on the engine can now begin. Many parts will be changed on the small one litre block including a cylinder head gasket and clutch.

As previously reported, the rally travels through 20 European countries and involves participants driving Peugot 205 cars loaded with school supplies and toys. These are delivered to ten schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Bulgaria and Romania.

Les Mar M’Arts, a team which includes two students from ENSM Marseille, has so far managed to find ten kilos of books and school equipment, but they continue to search for the others 90 kilos.