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Catherine Amblard receives award from Japan Institute of Marine Engineering

Pictured is Emanuel Matray (OEM Partnerships) receving the award on behalf of Catherine Amblard

Catherine Amblard, part of Total Lubmarine’s technical team based at Solaize, has received the highest award possible from the Japan Institute of Marine Engineering (JIME) for her paper “New Chemistry to Protect against Cold Corrosion in Marine Cylinder Lubricants”.

The award was collected by Japan based colleagues Okai-san and Emanuel Matray (OEM Partnerships) on behalf of Catherine.

The award, was given by Mr Tomoji Takamasa, JIME chairman, in front of 100 Japanese marine industry representatives at JIME’s 52nd general meeting, providing superb visibility in the market for Total.

Many congratulations to Catherine for writing the paper and winning the award, demonstrating her own expertise and Total Lubmarine’s technical leadership and research capabilities.

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