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Testing New Marine Lubricant BN 40

Total Lubmarine - New Marine Lubricant BN 40
"The BN 40 product currently being tested will look to further enhance what is already ready and available,” said Robert Joore

Total Lubmarine General Manager, Robert Joore gave an update on the new Base Number (BN) 40 product in testing to Seatrade Maritime’s Lee Hong Liang as the Total Global Sulfur Cap Forum’s reached Singapore in May.

Speaking ahead of the conference, Mr. Joore confirmed that the already extensive line-up of solutions meant that Total is prepared for 2020.

Joining Mr. Joore was Lubmarine Technical Director Jean-Philippe Roman. Mr. Roman added that the Sulfur Cap regulation will make the low BN lubricants the most important in its product list. Like Mr. Joore, he made note of the new BN 40 product:

“We have developed a new version of our BN 40 product for 2020 and we are currently testing this solution at sea” said Mr Roman, “However, engine manufacturers have pointed out some sensitivity on engines in terms of deposit formation, so we are recommending customers take a measured approach to the transition by using a higher BN of 57 that we already have in our portfolio. This product has an incredible track record and represents a safe route through IMO 2020.”

He further added:

“For LNG-fuelled engines or vessels continuously operating on 0.1% sulfur distillate fuels, we have developed a new BN 25 product. We will still supply the higher BN 100 product for use with high sulfur fuels and ships using scrubbers.”

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Mr. Joore and Mr. Roman were speaking as the Total Global Sulfur Cap Forums reached the Asia leg of the tour. In Singapore, 200+ professionals attended from across the industry to better understand the upcoming regulation, as well as the solutions Total are delivering to ensure compliance.

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