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Creating a Total Formulation to the Industry's Lubrication Needs

Serge Dal Farra - Global Marketing Manager - Total Lubmarine
Serge Dal Farra - Global Marketing Manager - Total Lubmarine

In an exclusive interview with our Global Marketing Director Serge Dal Farra, The Motorship editor Nick Edström discusses the impact of post-IMO 2020 regulation and how latest developments are shaping the lubricants market.

  • Is the emergence of premium lubricants, such as Total Lubmarine's TALUSIA UNIVERSAL transforming the lubrication world?


  • Will the introduction of zero and low sulphur fuels lead to changes in engine oil chemistry?


  • And are the different range of fuels available going to affect lubrication requirements in the future?


See how at Total Lubmarine we strongly believe that the new IMO regulations will be the driver for further technological evolution – not just in 2020 but in the years ahead - through the provision of sustainable alternatives

Read the full interview on Motorship.

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