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Lighting the way: Total Lubmarine provides marine engine power lubricant expertise to Bahamas Power & Light (BPL)

Total Lubmarine to supply Bahamas Power & Light.
With the support of RUBiS Bahamas, Total Lubmarine won a contract with Bahamas Power & Light.

Total Lubmarine has won a contract with Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) following a joint bid made through our distributor RUBiS Bahamas.

RUBiS Bahamas is accredited with the award as sole lubricants supplier for BPL for the next 3 years with an estimated consumption of 4.000t of cylinder, system and trunk-piston lubricants.

Our Power Generation Manager, Gabriel Landaeta, says: “We all did extremely well in our collaboration to present a competitive offer which was ultimately accepted above and beyond the competition. We will be arranging a series of meetings in the coming weeks to begin the implementation plans for the contract and the supply of lubricants.”

BPL is a subsidiary of the Bahamas Electrical Company (BEC), the only state-owned electric utility in the Bahamas. It is in charge of the generation and distribution of electricity across 25 islands in the archipelago, with the exception of the Grand Bahamas. It provides energy services to more than 100,000 Bahamians that use electricity to conduct their daily lives: it is essential for providing food, shelter, water, sanitation, healthcare service and access to information.

Total Lubmarine regional offices in Linden, New Jersey and in Bogota, Colombia, worked collectively together with Total Jamaica and with RUBiS Bahamas to set up an attractive offer for BPL. The contract covers lubricant products and their supply, but importantly the contract extends to a range of technical services to help optimize lubricant consumption with engine performance in each of the plants.

Presently, there is an installed capacity of 438 MW from 28 HFO and diesel engines of 2 and 4 strokes, and one large gas turbine, operating on 16 power generation sites.

BPL is 100% committed to raising the bar of efficiency and reliability across its operations for energy users in the region, and its decision to use Total Lubmarine for its lubricants supply further reinforces how our brand is acknowledged and perceived in the market, especially with BPL’s drive to meet The Bahamas’ Clean Energy Goal of 30% by 2030 – building for a better Bahamas and committed to fulfilling their mandate to provide customers with safe, reliable electrical power.

RUBiS Bahamas distributes our lubricants through a regional distribution contract between Total Jamaica and RUBiS Caribbean. Most of the lubricants are produced in Jamaica and in the USA through approved blending plants.

RUBiS is an established, French-based, international, private limited company founded in 1990.

It specialises in the downstream petroleum and chemicals sector, operating bulk liquid storage facilities (for petroleum products and chemicals). Since 2000, RUBiS has expanded its presence across three regions, (Africa, Europe and the Caribbean) through direct investments and acquisitions.

The company is now poised to distribute our lubricants to BPL. Combined with its skilled management structure and the synergies derived from prudent supply and shipping, RUBiS has secured a leadership position with its logistics base comprising of over nine import and storage terminals, a mixed set of commercial and aviation distribution activities along with nearly 400 retail service stations throughout the Caribbean.

Karoly Repas, General Manager, Marine Lubricants in Americas says, “We started a year ago to realign the Americas’ zone markets and our sales strategy in the marine engine power generation market. As part of this realignment, we have enhanced our pricing, technical and service capabilities, and to support out market positioning further we have established dedicated blending plants in Texas and a new one with ZXP in Houston. Our main focus areas are across the Central, Caribbean, and South-America territories, with an annual potential of more than 80.000 MT luboil consumption. Our approach to these markets is proving successful with new business opportunities secured in the Dominican Republic and now this latest contract win with BPL through our distributor RUBiS. We are also starting a new supply of lubricant to Honduras. We are naturally excited about the future growth opportunities for our business, and in the coming months we’ll report on the outcomes of current tenders that are in place in several other countries for power generation plants. My thanks to everyone involved in the BPL contract win and to our distributor RUBiS Bahamas.”

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