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Carilec Engineering Conference and Exhibition review

Solutions for Better Energy at CARILEC - Total Lubmarine - SAFT - Total Jamaica
"Solutions for Better Energy" at CARILEC

The 2019 Engineering and Procurement Conference and Exhibition took place in Curacao during June this year under the theme: ‘Partnering for Sustainable Energy Solutions, Innovation and Resilience'.

The conference aimed to provide a premier technical forum to learn more about the latest in research and development, innovations and best practices in both electricity and energy engineering.

Total Lubmarine, SAFT and Total Jamaica shared a stand, with the common ambition to offer the Caribbean “Solutions for Better Energy”. Total was the only major present at the event, with others were represented by their regional distributors.

As a region, the Caribbean is actively seeking to move away from fossil fuels towards renewable alternatives. For example, some of the islands are making large investments in geothermal generation, but the ambition is bold and availability is currently a challenge.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a trending topic in the region, albeit conversion of existing units is very challenging.

Participants from the technical and procurement departments of utilities from over 20 countries were present at the event. Each had the opportunity to visit the Curacao utility, Aqualectra, a 47MW wind farm. There was also the chance to be part of the inauguration of the new 39.2 MW Dokweg IIB plant; powered by Wartsila engines.

In August 2019, Total Lubmarine became a full member of the Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation (CARILEC). CARILEC is an entity belonging to The Caribbean Community (CARICOM), which unites all the power generation companies from over 20 countries in the Caribbean region. Most of the electricity in these territories is produced primarily by using slow or medium-speed engines, but renewable sources are growing in many of the territories.

Total Lubmarine has a longstanding presence in the Caribbean, working closely with power generation companies, mainly through a large network of affiliates and distributors. Total’s range of products and services is fully adapted to cover the needs of the power generation industries, with high-quality lubricants recognized by all Original Equipment Manufacturers.

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