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Standard Club provides guidance on IMO 2020

Total Lubmarine - IMO 2020 Compliant Fuels
Use of IMO 2020 Compliant Fuels

The Standard Club has looked to provide clarity to its members on the upcoming Sulfur Cap regulation by authoring a new article ‘Use of IMO 2020 compliant fuels’.

Released in mid-October, the article summarizes the framework of the IMO 2020 regulation, in addition to exploring bunker fuel terminology and the standards that compliant fuels need to meet.

The extensive article further highlights anticipated issues with the new blended 0.50% Very Low Sulfur Fuel Oil (VLSFO), with particular focus made on stability issues due to heavy blending, as well as compatibility issues as a result of the use of complex fuel blends.

The P&I club concludes the article by making a number of key recommendations to members, one of which being that operators ensure they use the correct lubricating oil, stating:

“Members shall ensure the lubricating oil and/or cylinder oil in use is appropriate for the sulfur level of the fuel being used. The advice in this respect should be sought from the engine manufacturer and lubricating oil supplier.”

Total Lubmarine is providing customers with a full range of two and four-stroke lubricating solutions and monitoring services for the transition and new 2020 era. To explore these in more detail, read ‘2020 Clarity’ by OEM Relationship Manager, Nikolaos Kotakis.

To read the full ‘Use of IMO 2020 Compliant Fuels’ by the Standard Cub, click here.

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