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seafarers across the world need a heart-warming ‘thank you’

IMO Seafarers Day - 25 June 2020
IMO Seafarers Day - 25 June 2020

Seafarers play an absolutely essential role in maintaining the flow of goods across our oceans. In all weathers and in times of crisis - such as the present COVID-19 pandemic - our seafarers are on the ‘front line’, transporting food, medicines, goods and supplies, safely and sustainably across the world.

The 2020 Day of the Seafarer campaign pays tribute to seafarers, acknowledging their sacrifice and the issues they face. Many seafarers have been away from home for months and are unsure when they will be able to return home due to travel restrictions. 

IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim has himself issued a moving personal message to seafarers everywhere, assuring them that the IMO understands the unique problems they face during the coronavirus pandemic and has been working tirelessly at all levels to find solutions for them.

Secretary-General Lim has also urged IMO Member States and shipping companies to adopt a practical and pragmatic approach to issues like crew changeovers, resupply, repairs, survey, and certification and licensing of seafarers.

Today’s campaign encourages everyone to treat seafarers with the respect and dignity they deserve so that they can continue to provide their vital services to keep world trade moving.

At Total Lubmarine we recognize the invaluable contribution seafarers make to international trade and the world economy. We join alongside governments, shipping organizations, shipowners, port authorities and all other stakeholders involved in the shipping industry to promote and celebrate today and to say… ‘thank you’.