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ENSM Le Havre’s Hydro Sailing Team participate in the 2017 “Grand Prix de l’école Navale” regatta

Total Lubmarine was delighted to support the Hydro sailing team from the École Nationale Supérieure Maritime (ENSM) Le Havre, competing in the 16th Grand Prix de l’école Navale regatta, off Crozon, France in May.

The Grand Prix is firmly established as a key event in the world of sailing, with the four-day competition involving yacht series including Open 5.70, 6.50 Class and J80.

The ENSM team competed in the championship for the J80 series. Each day of the regatta presented itself with unique challenges and opportunities for the competitors to showcase their tactics, preparation and team work.    

The regatta came at a time when the sailing team members had been preoccupied with exams, having little time to prepare for the event. However, despite the lack of preparation, they gained a respectable overall ranking of 22 out of 48 competitors.   

The crew totally enjoyed the challenge, able to combine exemplary sportsmanship, focus and determination to finish well.

Total Lubmarine is proud to be a partner of the Hydro sailing team.