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Nuit de l’Hydro 2016 sponsored by Total Lubmarine

ENSM Le Havre, one of four merchant marine academies in France, played host to the 53rd ‘Nuit de l’Hydro’ party in the new academy building on 19 November. Total Lubmarine was a proud sponsor of the event.

The party – a staple event in the ENSM Le Havre social calendar for many years – was a huge success and partygoers’ spirits remained unflappable in the face of stormy conditions outside.

850 students and other partygoers connected with the academy were entertained by bands ‘Mother Funker’ on the main stage, ‘Iguana Van’ in the champagne salon, while ‘P2Z’ mixed tracks in the rum bar and a variety of DJs played in the night club arena.

Although a historic event, and one enjoyed by several current Total Lubmarine staff when they were cadets at the academy, this was the first ‘Nuit de l’Hydro’ to take place in ENSM Le Havre’s new building, which was inaugurated in 2015.