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Gabriel Landaeta, Power Generation Manager for Total Lubmarine
Gabriel Landaeta, Power Generation Manager for Total Lubmarine

Whilst our name may suggest we are dedicated to serving the marine industry, there is another arm to the Total Lubmarine business that is very much land based.

Here, Power Generation Manager for Total Lubmarine Gabriel Landaeta – talks about the growing global reach of this side of our business.


Travel to some of the most remote inland territories in the world and you could well see a range of Total Lubmarine products being delivered. An unusual place to discover marine lubricants you may think. But when it comes to power generation, our products play as vital a role here just as they do for shipping fleets in the middle of the ocean.

That’s because power generation facilities around the world use the same marine engines found in shipping. And because they use marine engines, our specialist marine lubricants and technical support services are required here too.

Part of the beauty of the use of marine engines is their reliability and flexibility.  The engines can be turned on (and off) very easily and very quickly – they are straightforward to use and produce electricity efficiently.

Marine engines have been used for a long time for inland power generation and as a market it is one we are looking at more closely with a dedicated team now servicing our growing clients around the world.

Power generation implies a very different business approach but the fundamentals of combining highly effective products with timely deliveries and specialist technical support to help maintain these vital assets, is exactly the same as the marine industry.

Today we are working both directly and through our network of global affiliates and partners with a range of both public and private sector customers. One of the key strengths of Total’s Lubricant business lies in our global reach. That key is that we are present in over 130 countries. This means we are able to work with customers and ensure we can get our products and services to them, where and when they need them.

Our aim is not simply to supply customers with high quality lubricants and technical expertise. In addition, we intend helping our customers produce electricity more efficiently. With our support they are able to optimize their fuel and lubricants consumption, always committed to better energy.


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