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What’s next in focus for shipping? Insight from three experts at Total reveal the latest initiatives in LNG

Total to charter its first two LNG-powered tankers
Total to charter its first two LNG-powered tankers

We recently announced a new contract with Malaysian shipowner AET to charter our first two LNG-powered tankers,” says Luc Gillet Senior Vice-President Shipping at Total.We have a clear objective of reducing the emissions of our chartered fleet and we will continue the effort for all sizes of vessels. Let’s continue to innovate and develop new projects for a safe and environmentally responsible shipping.”

Jérôme Leprince-Ringuet, Managing Director of Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions (TMFGS), adds: “It shows Total’s ambition to commit to better energy as a charterer, carrying oil around the world with a reduced impact on the environment, and as a bunker supplier who ensures availability of cleaner fuels and associated infrastructures.

Total continues to invest in developing LNG bunkering infrastructures, and anticipates that LNG bunker vessels will triple over the next 2 years reaching more than 30 units to answer the needs of a growing market. Jérôme expects the LNG bunker market to reach 10 Mt by 2025, and 20 Mt by 2030 and TMFGS wants to be one the major players in that space.

Following the launch of the SGMF’s (Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel) video on LNG as a marine fuel, Fabiola Hernandez, HSEQ and Technical Director at TMFGS, reveals that LNG is perfectly positioned to accompany the shipping industry towards the International Maritime Organization’s target to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by at least 50% by 2050. 

The reality is that the shipping industry needs to take action now and this implies to have a fuel alternative that is safe, sustainable and proven for ship operators to commit. LNG is the only transitioning solution that is available today. It moves us on significantly to a much cleaner fuel position by delivering proven performance and results.

Fabiola believes that the environmental benefit for those vessels already using LNG is:

  • 99% reduction in Sulphurous Oxides
  • 99% fewer particulates
  • up to 85% reduction in Nitrous Oxides
  • About 20% fewer Greenhouse Gases

The benefits clearly speak for themselves and position LNG as a truly effective solution for ship operators. LNG is the cleaner fuel solution for today and tomorrow – a shipping fuel with proven performance and proven benefits.

Jérôme highlights: “We will keep on working with all the branches of the Group such as Refining and Trading in order to develop biofuels and the Gas Renewables & Power branch for the development of alternative fuels such as bio LNG or hydrogen”.

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