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Total Lubmarine celebrates the International Women's Day
Meet Valérie, Stefanie and Carmen presenting their role within Total Lubmarine's organization.

Across the globe, business and commerce celebrated International Women’s Day, which this year took place on the 8th March. Total Lubmarine and its employees celebrated the theme of the day ‘Each For Equal’ which has culminated in insight from a few of our amazing employees from the world of marine lubricants.

In support of this important day, we want to demonstrate the diverse roles available within our world of marine lubricants, the technical excellence, the career development opportunities, and provide some insight in to what it is like to be a female employee in various parts of the world in Total Lubmarine.  We are passionate about showcasing the fabulous opportunities to women in maritime and energy, because we believe it is an exciting, varied and a progressive career.

Valérie from France, Stéfanie from Belgium and Carmen from Hong-Kong, share their views on why an equaled world is an enabled world.

What do you like about your job?

Valérie: All the new challenges! Above all, the interactions across the global Total Lubmarine organization, with the feeling that the research that I do in my role has its place in the overall process of the company’s activity.

Stefanie: I love working with an international team of people that give the best of themselves every day to make customers happy. It can be challenging at times to create a team where everyone is aligned on the same direction, but it feels really satisfying when it works out. I also like the way Total Lubmarine encourage me to discover and new things almost every day: it’s never boring!

What motivates you in your job?

V: Passion! It is about being able to motivate an entire team in the rich and diverse breadth of research. Working together with meeting new market or business challenges, and often starting by thinking of the impossible, we inspire mindsets and the idea begins to appear, and that’s when you find the solution.

S: Knowing that I can make a difference for our customers and for my team is important to me.

Carmen: The job requires delivery of very precise process flow clarification to all hubs and offices to allow efficient completion of administration flow in system that comply with accounting and system rules and regulations.Accomplishment of these deliverables largely encourages one to continue to pursue higher and better quantity and quality to the extent that the whole process is deemed ‘smooth’ that everybody is happy about it, for instance, the time spent on an order completion is less than before as per the indicators of some key pre-defined management measurements. You drive the process, and at the end of the day you will find that what you do has a direct contribution to the margin of the business as a whole.

What advice would you give to a woman who would like to do your job?

V: Just be professional, carry out your work according to your convictions, affirm them and never let someone speak for you. Hold your place as everyone has their place in the organization.

S: Stay true to yourself and trust your instincts.

C: The job itself is interesting in the way that you need to be able to strike a balance between administration and commercial decision. This can be further complicated by people issue and yet the job is suitable for those who possess traits of persistence and endurance of which statistics show that a lot of women perform quite well in this aspect.

Follow us through 2020 to discover more on what it is like to work for Total Lubmarine.

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