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Total Lubmarine in Sweden for DSM19


In September, Nordic shipping met in Donsö, Sweden, for the 2019 edition of the biannual DSM event.

With around 2000 participants attending from over 30 countries, DSM connects shipowners, suppliers and associations in a unique setting on the Swedish Island of Donsö, in the southern part of the Gothenburg archipelago.

A team from Total Lubmarine was in attendance to meet with both current and prospective customers to discuss Total Lubmarine’s preparedness for IMO 2020, speaking on this, Jacopo Zanetti, Country Manager Nordic Countries, said:  

“DSM19 provides a great opportunity to meet with our regional customers and engage with them on what they can expect from us today and in the future. With IMO 2020 imminent we are advising customers on their transition strategies, assuring them that whichever route to compliance they choose Total will have a solution.”

Speaking specifically on the outcomes of the conference, Jacopo added:

“One message that emerged clearly from the conference was that the shipping industry must move forward together towards a decarbonized future and be proactive in doing so.”

To find out more about the DSM event, click here.


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DSM 2019 Conference Hall - 2000 participants attending from over 30 countries
2000 participants attending from over 30 countries