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Portrait of a Total Lubmarine technical engineer

Min-Chul Jeong is responsible for Total Lubmarine’s technical services in South Korea and the Philippines. The job of a senior technical engineer is a mix of sales, consulting and communications that requires excellent knowledge of both products and customers.

"I’m proud to do my part for the shipbuilding and shipping industries, the top two industries in South Korea."

Min-Chul began his career in 2001 in a South Korean shipping company, as an engineer responsible for operations and equipment maintenance. The wealth of experience he gained there enabled him to join Total Lubmarine in 2008 as a technical services manager for South Korean shipyards that would produce more than 150 ships a year for the international market. One of his main responsibilities is to “communicate effectively with customers, primarily to familiarize them with Total Lubmarine’s innovative products.”

Customizing Customer Relationships All the Way to the Front Line

Min-Chul is now a go-to contact for Total Lubmarine’s customers in South Korea and the Philippines, reviewing all aspects of lubricant analysis results to pinpoint their needs. Using Lubchart, he zeroes in on the lubricants that will work best for their projects, whether building a new ship or refitting an older one. In other words, he takes a customized approach to sales and consulting, based on tangible steps on the front line: “Meeting and talking with customers from all over the world is as enjoyable as it is essential.”

Min-Chul also goes out to the shipyards from time to time to provide direct technical support to local teams and see how projects are coming along.

Recognized Expertise

Technical engineers also have to be able to craft a sales pitch promoting the quality of products and how they line up with customer needs: “It’s critical to know how to present lubricants in a way that speaks to customers, and it’s a real challenge that I’ve always very much enjoyed meeting.”

What’s more, his skills and expertise have twice earned Min-Chul a Best Performance Award and an Outstanding Performance Award during Total Lubmarine’s annual year-end performance reviews.

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