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Safety Day on the Charles Ashley

The Charles Ashley on the Seine

Total Lubmarine underlined its commitment to both safety and maritime heritage on the World Day for Safety & Health at the end of April.  The day is an annual global event designed to  highlight safety in the workplace and Total Lubmarine employees from our SPAZIO office in Nanterre had the chance to visit a real lifeboat on the Seine.

Built in the late 1940s, the Charles Henry Ashley is a former British lifeboat that during its working life saved over 110 lives over 159 rescue operations. It was in service until 1989 and was subsequently bought by a French couple and brought to France, but in 2012 sadly sank in the Seine and remained submerged for over a year. Following a salvage operation undertaken by an association of passionate merchant navy officers, Total Lubmarine supplied complimentary lubes to the new owner which helped save the two original Ford engines that still power her.

More than 60 Total Lubmarine staff took part in the event which also featured a quiz on the 12 Total Safety Golden Rules.

A short video about this exciting event will shortly be available….stay tuned