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Drain Oil Videos - Engine Condition Monitoring & Lubrication Optimization
Drain Oil Videos - Engine Condition Monitoring & Lubrication Optimization

The importance of a drain oil analysis programme in helping achieve optimized lubricant oil feed rates and identifying and preventing potentially costly engine damage has been highlighted in a series of new videos from Marine lubricant specialist Total Lubmarine.

Covering the Why, What and How of drain oil analysis, the new video series highlights the benefits vessel operators can reap by ensuring analysis is regularly undertaken.

Launched at Olivier Suming, Product Service Manager of Total Lubmarine says a robust drain oil analysis programme in the post IMO2020 environment delivers financial, practical and operational benefits.

“Achieving the right level of cylinder lubrication offers multiple benefits for vessel operators including optimum Lubrication Oil Feed Rate (LOFR), Operational Expenditure (OPEX) control savings and increased safety margins, in addition to helping prevent costly engine damage. This can be achieved by combining smart engine monitoring with drain oil analysis and specialist interpretation. Our new videos are designed to show vessel operators and owners through to on board engineering teams not only why drain oil analysis should be undertaken but how it can be done and the benefits that await, highlighted Olivier.

According to Total Lubmarine, modern engines are particularly sensitive to corrosion and corrosive wear.  Added to that now is the introduction of VLSFO fuels through IMO2020 which is further increasing the risk of engine deposit build up as highlighted in the recent findings of the 2020 Fuel Oil Quality and Safety Survey published by BIMCO, The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), INTERCARGO and INTERTANKO.

And with both under and over lubrication able to cause potentially expensive damage, the argument for getting the LOFR balance right makes both practical and economic sense – pointing to the need for Drain Oil Analysis.

To support vessel operators, Total Lubmarine provides three levels of Drain Oil Service including:

  • Standard - Providing a snapshot from the last four analysis of the engine condition focusing on OEM conformity in regards of iron and BN levels.
  • Advanced – offering a more detailed analysis of the engine condition, carried out over a longer time period providing a comprehensive engine analysis report, including any system oil contamination.
  • Optimized: For optimized Lubricant consumption and maximum engine health, Optimize is delivered over a mid to long-term period including specific LOFR optimization advice from Total’s Lubmarine experts.


Undertaken at one of Total Lubmarine’s five global Diagomar Plus Laboratories, testing of the drain oil samples includes residual BN, kinematic viscosity, insolubles, water content, PQ index, oxidation, iron and other metal content and is backed up by results interpretation from one of Total Lubmarine’s Marine Lubricant Engineer (MLE). To find out more about the range of Total Lubmarine Drain Oil Analysis Services visit

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