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Talusia Optima completes 4,331 hours of sea-trials

A new kind of cylinder lube oil

Total Lubmarine’s new low-ash cylinder oil has successfully completed 4,331 hours of trials on a Wärtsilä 14 RT-FLEX 96C-B engine aboard a container ship. The trial period included 300 hours of the vessel trading in ECAs.

Presenting the findings to delegates at the European Marine Engineering conference in Amsterdam in April, Total Lubmarine’s Technical Director Jean Philippe Roman said that trials were also underway on a MAN 11 S90ME-C10.2 engine and that the results to date had been most encouraging.

Talusia Optima is specifically designed as a flexible cylinder solution for ship operators using a variety of fuels including MDO whose vessels are entering ECAs. It is the first ever lube to use ash free neutralizing molecules (ANM).

ANM are pure organic molecules and Talusia Optima has a high Base Number (BN). Their development by Total Lubmarine researchers has enabled the creation of a cylinder lube oil that minimizes the mineral source of deposits and therefore prevents deposit build-up. The new lube provides exceptional neutralization efficiency and passivation of surfaces. It also shows very high thermal resistance and detergency potential.

Total Lubmarine plans to launch the product later this year.

Click here to download a copy of the presentation