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Connecting the world with data we can trust: Olivier SUMING

World Statistics Day 2020 - Connecting the world with data we can trust
World Statistics Day 2020 - Connecting the world with data we can trust.

This year’s World Statistics Day reinforces the need for "current, reliable, timely and trusted data” to help us all understand the changing world in which we live.

In our industry, lubricants are used in the engines of all types of ships, and which help commercial and leisure vessels to power across our oceans in all types of weather. Data on how our lubricants work can help us improve the operational performance and integrity of every engine 24/7, 365 days a year.

We obtain information from our product data that provides us with a deep-dive in to how customers use our lubricants versus engine cleanliness, operating parameters, and engine wear damage protection.

As an example, our DRAIN OIL OPTIMIZE service is a program that uses data to stress cylinder oil performance of 2-stroke engines up to a period of 12 months.

IMO2020 has placed a much greater emphasis on the use and development of low sulfur fuels in the shipping industry which will continue as we head towards 2030 and 2050. Cylinder oils play an important role in supporting this transition.

Also, we use additional vessel operating information such as engine condition, engine load, fuel type, running hours and temperature to gain real insight in to how engines and their lubrication perform.

Combining monthly spot data with trend monitoring and OEM guidance, and working alongside our customers, we create insights on the engine’s condition, and we help customers achieve the optimum lubrication strategy that will successfully guarantee safe operating margins.

Data is enriching and it is today an essential leverage for validating recommendations to the shipping industry. It has helped us to show how TALUSIA UNIVERSAL can be used continuously with the widest range of 2020 compliant fuels, and why it is proven to provide additional safety margins, achieving the recommended lube oil feed rate when based on continuously drain oil analysis, monitoring and visual inspections. Using data has successfully enabled our customers to fine tune and optimize their feed rate and OPEX during long-term operations, while maintaining the iron content below the required level and the residual BN within the specific limitations in accordance with OEMs guidelines.

Our technical expertise combined with statistics do their part in highlighting oil analysis insights in meeting the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s ship operators. Harnessing data in the way that we do, better supports our customers and delivers peace of mind to Super Intendants and Chief Engineers.

That’s why we continue to invest in data and statistics to help our clients make informed and preventive decisions that are needed to respond and anticipate to operational issues.

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