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Total Lubmarine behind Timothée Bonavita in 2017 Mini Transat

We are delighted to announce that Total Lubmarine will be sponsoring Total employee Timothée Bonavita in the Mini Transat yacht race.

The Mini Transat is a solo 4000 mile transatlantic yacht race from La Rochelle to Martinique in 21-foot (6.5m) yachts. It is by far the most testing, intense and adrenaline pumping sailboat race any sailor can participate in. The Mini 6.50 boat is a 6.5 m sailing boat which feature the latest technologies. The boats are often described as being a test bed for technologies before their implementation on bigger boats such as the ones running the Vendée Globe or Volvo Around the World Race.

The Minitransat runs every two years, giving sailors time to qualify for the next round by completing a 1,000 nautical miles (nm) solo passage and competing in 1,000 nm of Mini Class races.

Timothée has exceeded expectations by performing well in the qualifying regattas. His next race will see 84 competitors covering 500 nm between the Irish Sea and the Gironde estuary on 9 to 15 May.

The final race before the main event will be the Mini Fastnet which will take place during the third week of June.

The 2017 edition starts on 1 October in La Rochelle (France) and will see the sailors navigate their mini yachts into the Bay of Biscay and then proceed to Gran Canaria. The second leg of the regatta will set sail on 1 November from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and finish in the Marin Bay (Martinique).

There are no prizes for winning the race, but once at the finish line they will all enjoy a well-deserved Ti’ Punch cocktail to celebrate their accomplishments and tenacity on completing such an extraordinary adventure.

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