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Total Lubmarine Evolves Customer Experience with Enhanced Website

Reflecting both its history of quality and its position as a leading global marine lubricants provider, a journey aboard Total Lubmarine’s new website echoes the modern industry and the expectations of its visitors and customers. Customer-centric oriented, connected and contemporary – the new site is an invaluable voyage that Total Lubmarine is offering to its clients and the industry as a whole.

Engaging with Total’s brand is easier than ever; visitors to the website will now be able to follow and share Total Lubmarine’s news, events, social media channels and view various financial information tools (Total share price, Brent, Dow Jones and CAC 40).

This means direct engagement with Total Lubmarine’s insightful blog – updated frequently with its people and maritime industry news, services and technology evolutions and product launches. It also encouraged engagement with the marine lubricant suppliers’ Twitter page – ensuring that visitors stay abreast of the latest news and views within the marine network.

Presented in a user friendly, easy to use format, customers can find their products and port delivery of choice in a next generation fashion spirit– with international ports directory and products broken down for simple searching and choosing of products and services. Similarly, Total Lubmarine’s Lube-On-Ship app is available through the website. This new service is an advanced application that allows customers to find the right product for their needs. So, whether a user is looking to streamline engine efficiency, or simply peruse Total Lubmarine’s complete array of products – the Lube-On-Ship app make your search to flow naturally.

Total Lubmarine thrives through customer feedback and evolving relationships, which is why the new website includes a strengthen contact form service. Easy to find and easy to use for visitors, the contact form ensures site guests to get in touch with the lubricant provider’s worldwide team at one-click.

Olivier Suming, Total Lubmarine’s Customer Experience Officer said of the new website:

“At Total Lubmarine, we pride ourselves on our ability to maintain and grow relationships with our customers – whilst staying relevant and live connected to the modern shipping industry. Not only does our new website look and feel new, but it has been designed to ensure that our customers can get the information they need at the first sight. It is modern and convenient and has been built around the customer-centricity that we hold so dearly as a company.”

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