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Total Lubmarine launches Lube-On-Ship

Total Lubmarine launches LubeOnShip

As a specialised marine lubricants business with a presence in over 100 countries and over 1000 ports around the world, Total Lubmarine understands the importance of seamless information. Similarly, as the industry looks towards the impending 2020 Sulphur Cap and the changes that it will mean for the shipping sector, innovation is of utmost importance. The LubOnShip app not only streamlines information, it highlights Total Lubmarine’s continued dedication to innovative services.

Total Lubmarine’s newest service is an advanced application that allows customers to find the right product for their needs. So, whether a user is looking to streamline engine efficiency, or simply peruse Total Lubmarine’s extensive array of products – the LubeOnShip app reduces the friction whilst searching.

Covering 10 areas of the vessel, 22 different pieces of equipment and 81 Total Lubmarine products – customers can visualise their lubrication needs aboard Total Lubmarine’s virtual vessel; a complete collection of its lubricant range. Spanning the entirety of a ship’s lubrication needs, LubOnShip is a holistic, end-to-end approach to choosing the right product.

From main and auxiliary engines to steering gears and shaft bearings, the new app exhibits Total Lubmarine’s full range of lubricants in an easy-to-use format, helping owners and operators to choose the best lubricants for their Bulk Carrier equipment.

This innovative app will also allow customers to access the latest technical and safety data sheets, constantly updated by Total Lubmarine’s vigilant teams to ensure that customers have the highest quality information. And whilst the app can be used offline, updates are simple and easy, with a manual update feature available when connected.

The app itself is designed specifically for tablet use, and is both Android and iOS compatible. To download the LubOnShip app with Google Play for Android click here, and with iTunes for iOS devices click here.

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