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Total Lubmarine partners with CMA CGM at CIMAC

Valérie Doyen, from Total Lubmarine’s technical team based at Solaize (CReS), made a joint presentation with Philippe Renaud from CMA CGM at the International Council on Combustion Engines (CIMAC) Congress in Helsinki last week (7 June). Entitled ‘From the Lab to the Field, how new chemistry can solve the operating issues of 2-stroke engines transiting ECA zones’, the presentation focused on low ash chemistry using ash-free neutralising molecules (ANM). The presentation showcased the soon to be launched Talusia Optima’s  capabilities and its wider potential.

Good feedback was received from the audience who enjoyed the original supplier/customer presentation set-up and there will be further editorial coverage with Fuels and Lubes Asia.

Promotion of Talusia Optima is well on track and will soon be followed by presentations at other events.

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