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Total Lubmarine Reasserts Commitment to Asia Pacific Region

Marintec China is the largest maritime event in the Asia Pacific region, and an important date in the global maritime calendar. Between the 5-8 December 2017, companies were invited to exhibit their innovations, products and services – whilst engaging attendees with talks and insights on the future of the shipping industry.

For Total Lubmarine, Marintec China was not merely a chance to remind the market of its current range, including the versatile BN 100 cylinder oil Talusia Optima, but also an opportunity to present several short sessions on the challenges facing shipowners – as well as the implications of those challenges on the lubricants market.

Stuart Fuller, Global Brand Manager at Total Lubmarine said of the event:

“Total Lubmarine is not only a supplier of quality marine lubricants and services, but also a ship owner, operator and charterer – meaning that we are well placed to understand our customer’s challenges. Marintec China gave us the opportunity to continue the conversation of the 2020 IMO Sulphur regulations, discussing how we will continue to prepare our customers for change, whilst also talking to attendees about our innovative range of products and services.”

Both Stuart Fuller and Etienne Maillard, Marketing Content Manager at Total Lubmarine, delivered sessions that covered topics such as fuel regulations, scrubbers and low sulphur fuels – showing attendees how Lubmarine’s bespoke solutions can help customers to remain safe and complaint, whilst controlling their OPEXs and maximising vessel availability. Etienne Maillard stated:

“Marintec China was a great chance for us to reassert our commitment to China and the wider region; reminding our local customers that we are always there to support them with a Shanghai-based technical team. With a proximity to shipyards and regional companies, as well as a strong head office in Hong Kong, we remain dedicated to helping our customers overcome their challenges brought on by a changing market.”

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