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Total Lubmarine supports ENSM students in desert race

The 4L Trophy car rally: racing across Morocco in a Renault 4L

Total Lubmarine is delighted to have sponsored Thomas Mocellin and Vivien Luthy, two French merchant navy cadets from the École Nationale Supérieure Maritime (ENSM) in Marseille who took part in the 4L Trophy this February.

The 4L Trophy is an annual humanitarian car rally exclusively for students. The aim is not to drive fast, but to navigate effectively: the race is an orienteering challenge. Students, in teams of two, drive the legendary Renault 4L model across France and Spain to Morocco. Once in Morocco, the participants need to work as a team as they experience the challenges of mountains, and sand, across nearly 1500 km of desert trails.

The organisers recognize the need to safeguard the environment and participants are not allowed to litter and need to drive skillfully to conserve fuel.

The adrenaline and thrill of the race, is one part of the event, but the most important part is the students’ work with Paris-based organization Enfants du Désert delivering school supplies, sporting equipment, paramedical equipment to Moroccan children as well as take part in a cultural exchange.

Enfants du Désert was successful in raising EUR 42,900. The funds will go to the construction of five schools catering for children with disabilities as well aswheelchairs, educational material such as computers and low consumption light bulbs; and provide water and sanitation solutions.

Thomas and Vivien crossed the finish line on 24 February gaining a respectable ranking position of 653 out of 1428.

Brisesable – 4L Trophy