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Total Lubmarine Wins Tender for COSCO Vessels

Total Lubmarine has recently won the latest tender from COSCO to lubricate for 4 Very Large Bulk Carriers (VLBC). The vessels will be built in COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry (Yangzhou) shipyard in China. They are designed to carry 400,000 DWT of goods each and will be sailing between Brazil and the Far East and Brazil and Europe.

Total Lubmarine will be providing a full suite of products to the Yuan Jin Hai, the Yuan Shen Hai, the Yuan Hua Hai and the Yuan Shou Hai. These record-breaking vessels will benefit from Total Lubmarine’s renowned main engine oil TALUSIA, system oil ATLANTA MARINE and trunk piston oil AURELIA TI .

This further connection with Brazil comes in the wake of Lubmarine welcoming Total Lubrificantes do Brasil to its global distribution network – introducing a vital link to over 30 Brazilian ports. Total Lubrificantes has been present in Brazil since 1998, with headquarters in São Paulo and a 100,000 m² factory in Pindamonhangaba. It has traditionally specialised in automotive, agricultural, and marine lubrication, and has over 250 employees, as well as a production capacity of around 70 thousand tons of lubricants per year.

As a network partner, Total Lubrificantes serves Total’s international clients that stop in the Brazilian ports; supplying marine lubricants and greases for vessels that operate around the Brazilian coast; and building relationships with hydroelectric powerplants – which use 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines similar to that of a large vessel.

Similarly, the win reasserts Total Lubmarine’s commitment to China and the wider region; reminding its local customers that the global marine lubricant supplier is always there to support them with a Shanghai-based technical team. With a proximity to shipyards and regional companies, as well as a strong head office in Hong Kong, Total Lubmarine remains dedicated to helping its customers overcome their challenges brought on by a changing market.

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