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Total Strengthens Yamal Relationship

Total has recently signed an agreement with Novatek, outlining the terms upon which Total shall acquire a direct working interest of 10% in Arctic LNG 2, a giant liquefied natural gas project lead by Novatek on the Gydan Peninsula in the north of Siberia. The agreement takes the Group’s overall economic interest in this new LNG project to approximately 21.5%.

Novatek and Total have also agreed that Total will have the opportunity to acquire a 10 to 15% direct interest in Novatek’s future LNG projects in Yamal and Gydan. With a mammoth production capacity, Arctic LNG 2 will unlock more than 7 billion boe (barrel of oil equivalent) of hydrocarbon resources in the onshore Utrenneye gas and condensate field.

In the same way as for Yamal LNG, Arctic LNG 2 production will be delivered to international markets by a fleet of ice-class LNG carriers that will be able to use the Northern Sea Route for cargoes destined for Asia.

Total Lubmarine has already won lubrication contracts for ARC7 vessels in-service – the ice breaking LNG carriers that are catering to a marked increase in global LNG demand. It will provide products and services to Dynagas, Sovcomflot and MOL vessels.

Total Lubmarine’s expertise and extensive industry knowledge, alongside an innovative range of products and services mean that shipowners and operators can trust the global suppliers’ ability to provide this range of lubes, which are able to cope with temperatures as low as -60C.

The ARC7 vessels herald a revolution in LNG transport – with an ability to travel to the gas rich Yamal peninsular without the aid of icebreakers; and allow year-round access to Yamal LNG and Arctic LNG 2.

But, working in such extreme environments called for specific and specially designed products – lubes that encourage seamless operations in difficult conditions.

Marine Engineer Dimitrios Koumantaropoulos has been working closely with Dynagas, providing vessels with lubricant solutions.

“The lubcharts we have put together for these vessels are unique. They are specially designated to each vessel that ensure the best results possible. For example, we are providing products and services to the newly commissioned Dynagas ARC7 vessel, the Boris Vilkitsky – and thanks to the arctic conditions in which it will operate, we have put together a lubchart made up of a large number of synthetic products due to the necessity of low oil pour points.”

Total Lubmarine’s credentials in ARC7 lubrication have already been proven, as it provided products and services to the Christophe de Margerie on its maiden North Sea voyage – traveling to the Yamal Peninsular without the aid of ice-breakers. Lubmarine continues to work closely with companies and shipyards – ensuring that it is developing the best solutions for the newest vessels.