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WinGD approves Talusia Optima

WinGD has approved the use of Total Lubmarine’s new cylinder lube oil Talusia Optima across the entire range of its Wärtsilä engines.

Talusia Optima, which is currently being tested on a range of ship,s will be brought to market later this year and is  suitable for use with fuels ranging in sulphur content from 0-3.5%.

Total Lubmarine’s technical director Jean-Philippe Roman said:

“Talusia Optima is an exciting new development and a step forward for the lubes industry. It is the first and only cylinder lube oil on the market able to lubricate engines operating with fuels with any sulphur content. It will bring an end to the need for vessels to change lubricant when entering and leaving ECAs, making life easier for ships’ crews. We’re delighted with its performance to date and are confident that we will bring it to market soon.”

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