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Worldwide safety campaign – bulk deliveries

Total Lubmarine has been running a safety campaign for bulk deliveries since 2014, aimed at strengthening its safety culture and optimising customer experience.

The campaign focuses on the steps and processes that must be in place to ensure safe delivery of lubricants delivered in bulk. Crew members are expected to constantly monitor weather and sea conditions and special attention must be paid to mooring procedures, lighting and compliance with terminal regulations.

As part of the campaign, an animation has been created demonstrating best in practice procedure for bulk deliveries. The video covers all aspects of a delivery, from checking that sea and weather conditions are safe and having easy access to oil-spill protection equipment to supervision of flow meters and loading plans.

Bulk deliveries of Total Lubmarine lubricants are made by both truck and barge. Barges can deliver to vessels in port and in open-water anchorages, while trucks deliver to vessels in port with an accessible quay-side.