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Yamal gas carrier named ‘Christophe de Margerie’

Russian state carrier Sovcomflot recently named one of its Yamal LNG vessels Christophe de Margerie, in honour of the former Total chief executive and chairman who tragically died in an air accident in Moscow in 2014.

The ship is one of a series of 15 ground-breaking ice-classed ships designed to serve the Yamal LNG project, located deep in the Russian Arctic. Click here to view the vessel details.

The project will tap the huge LNG reserves of the Yamal Peninsula, with first production expected in 2017.

Gas extracted from the 208 wells will be transported to international markets in liquefied form, aboard ice-class LNG carriers currently are under construction that will load LNG at the port of Sabetta. The LNG carriers, built by DSME are the most advanced gas carriers ever.

When in full service, they will provide:

  • Year-round access to the Yamal LNG liquefaction plant unaided by icebreakers, thanks to a navigation system where the ship runs ahead in ice under 1.5 meters thick, and astern (i.e. backwards) in thicker ice of up to 2.1 meters.
  • Easy manoeuvrability in the ice despite the ship’s 290 meters in length and 170,000 cubic meters of cargo capacity, thanks to rudderless propulsion. This system uses three azimuth thrusters – marine propellers capable of rotating 360° – to swiftly change the ship’s direction.
  • Cargo protection in the form of a strengthened hull to safeguard against the impact of the ice and vibrations, and winterized equipment designed to withstand temperatures of down to -52°C.
  • A diesel engine capable of running on gas, which can produce enough energy and electricity from LNG for the ship’s propulsion and operating requirements.

The vessel will be supplied with a range of Total Lubmarine lubes, including main engine oils and auxiliary equipment lubes. Total Lubmarine has a range of lubes suitable for ice-class vessels that are able to cope with temperatures down to -60C.

Total Lubmarine is proud of this recognition of Christophe de Margerie’s phenomenal contribution to the Yamal LNG project and we look forward to bringing you news of Christophe de Margerie’s voyages and the progress of the unprecedented Yamal LNG project.

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