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The MAN-ES Cylinder Oil Strategy for CAT II products lists only BN100 or BN140 lubricants. Is the use of such a high BN Level likely to impact engine detergency levels?

Currently neither TALUSIA UNIVERSAL or any Cat. II 40 BN cylinder oils are listed (May 2020).

Our recommendation for Mark 9 engines and higher is to use TALUSIA UNIVERSAL and Cat. II 100 BN cylinder oil with alternation (if necessary) or with the cylinder oil available as according to the recommendations in MAN-ES Service Letter - SL2019-671.

Because of its approval tests TALUSIA UNIVERSAL can be used continuously with 2020 compliant fuels, and has also proven to provide additional safety margins compared to BN 40 CLO, achieving the lowest recommended LOFR when based on visual inspection and drain oil analysis.

If the cylinder condition is acceptable using TALUSIA UNIVERSAL, there is no need for alternation with category II, 100 BN cylinder oil. It is important therefore to ensure regular Drain Oil Analysis Service to assess ongoing cylinder condition.

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