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Why has TALUSIA UNIVERSAL received a new NOL from MAN-ES in May 2020. What does the new NOL indicate?

MAN Energy Solutions developed its new Cylinder Oil Strategy to seek to raise the performance level of cylinder oils by dividing them into two performance categories I & II based on cleaning ability. Cat. II references Cylinder Oils with cleaning ability equivalent, to at least 100 BN oils and Cat. I for the remaining Cylinder Oils.

As a result it categorized cylinder oils into specific BN levels – 40, 70, 100, 140. By taking this approach, TALUSIA UNIVERSAL (BN57) does not currently appear on the MAN-ES Cylinder Oil Category Listing – unlike other products in the TALUSIA family.

To help rectify this, MAN-ES provided a brand new NOL (dated 19th May, 2020) for TALUSIA UNIVERSAL, 57 BN, SAE 50. Read more.



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