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How can Total Lubmarine's lubricants help prevent cold corrosion?

Total Lubmarine's CLO (Cylinder Lube Oil) is formulated to maximize the neutralization of the acid in all conditions. This goal is achieved with a well-balanced mixture of over-based detergents, the BN or Base Number, going from 25 to 100 mg KOH/g.

However, the efficiency of such additives is very depending upon the overall formulation. In the case of TALUSIA OPTIMA, we have used new chemistry called Ashfree Neutralizing Molecules (ANM) that multiply by four the neutralization efficiency and that passivate the metal surfaces. This is the most efficient product available on the market to prevent corrosion in 2-stroke engines. Watch our video: More information about ANM in the Innovation section on TALUSIA OPTIMA

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