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Which alternative products do you recommend to replace TALUSIA LS 25?

The best solution is TALUSIA UNIVERSAL because it performs better in cleanliness (detergency) than the conventional BN40s on the market and mitigates the risk of deposit build up. It also provides higher residual BN, enabling you to optimize the feed rate and maintain the iron content below the limits. That means TALUSIA UNIVERSAL can be used in confidence continuously with 0.1%S 2020 compliant fuels without risk of deposit growth, providing real confidence for anyone using variable fuel batches.

In most cases, using TALUSIA UNIVERSAL instead of a conventional BN40 cylinder oil can be enough to avoid the need to carry additional high BN on-board, saving storage space and extra purchasing costs. Still, if you are required to use alternate low and high BN rated lubricants – and only if the engine status allows – you can use either TALUSIA UNIVERSAL or TALUSIA LS 40 as low BN alternatively with TALUSIA UNIVERSAL 100 as high BN.

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