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Our Partners

The maritime lubricant is a worldwide network of partners and distributors centered all around Total Lubmarine. Our partners play all the same role in the marine lubes ecosystem: To supply our marine lubricants and services to the global shipping industry!

By leveraging the logistics and manufacturing capabilities of the other members of the network, our customers can be delivered of our marine lubricants and greases in over 1,000 ports around the world.

Total Lubricants & Maritime Industry

Total Lubmarine, a specialized marine lubricants company, provides a pioneering range of marine oils and greases,
and innovative solutions to the shipping and powerplant industry.
We are part of Total Lubricants, a division within Total Group - the world's 4th largest publicly traded integrated Oil and Gas Company.
With a worldwide presence in over 100 countries and 1000 ports, we are turning shipowners’ problems into viable operational solutions.

Solution-Driven Services

We are a dedicated team of over 200 marine engineers, supply chain specialists, customer service and commercial managers.
From Order to Delivery and Aftersales, we foster a tailored customer experience that ensures shipowners' satisfaction at every stage of the journey.
Throughout our process, we work hand-in-hand with new build teams and OEMs to develop bespoke lubes' charts to your ships machinery and grades of lubricants needed.

Marine Lubricants & Greases

Total Lubmarine delivers a wide range of pioneering marine engine oils and greases operating under the most severe conditions.
Our Research Centre's chemists create new formulations and improve existing ones day-in, day-out - under OEMs approval.
We are committed to advising shipowners in the most relevant lubrication practices, to face maritime regulatory, technical and operational challenges.