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Talusia Optima

TALUSIA OPTIMA is a BN 100 Marine Cylinder Lubricant suitable for the most demanding Tier III two-stroke engines and for operations with fuels with a sulphur content range of 0.0 to 3.5%. This ground-breaking lubricant was developed through intensive R&D at our renowned Solaize Research Center.

OEMs MAN Diesel & Turbo and WinGD (Wärtsilä) have issued Letters of No-Objection for the use of TALUSIA OPTIMA with their entire two-stroke engine range. This follows challenging sea trials of more than 4000 running hours using a wide variety of fuels ranging from 0.0 to 3.5% in sulphur content.

TALUSIA OPTIMA has been formulated using a unique and patented technology known as Ash Free Neutralizing Molecules (ANM) which provides fast and effective acid neutralization without any undesired mineral deposit build up. High quality mineral components are used in combination with ANM to provide detergency and cleanliness.

Talusia Optima’s innovative chemical composition neutralizes acid faster and more effectively than any other formula. Suitable in a wide range of contexts for any engine burning any fuel from 0.0 to 3.5% sulphur. Apply less oil for the same performance and significantly lower lube oil feed rates...
Listen to Jean-Philippe Roman, Technical Director at Total Lubmarine, explaining our new patented technology and the benefits of Ashfree Neutralizing Molecule (ANM).
Marine lubricant moves in the engine like blood in the human body. Discover how deep sea vessels are powered. What are the physical and chemical constraints inside the marine 2-stroke engine. How marine cylinder oil and marine system oil ensure smooth operations.