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The ships of today have engines that regularly run on both high and low sulphur fuels and distillate and we see the ships of tomorrow running natural gas and alternative fuels. Engine layouts are evolving and the industry is increasingly faced with the challenge of complexity. This is a radical rethink of the chemistry and design of marine lubricants.

We have already helped ship operators respond to regulatory change by developing an innovative range of compliant lubricants. From biodegradable non-toxic lubricants which meet the latest US regulations to single oil lubricants suitable for a range of fuels, Total Lubmarine takes care and attention to ensure that our products meet the requirements of the shipping industry.

Engine technology and vessel operations are changing as legislators are implementing increasingly stringent environmental and operational regulations and engine manufacturers are responding with ever more efficient engines. Exhaust gas recirculation systems, fuel water emulsion and selective catalytic emulsion processes are all under development. Electronically controlled lubrication systems designed to optimise the reliability and amount of lubricant needed are also increasingly used. All of this has put greater strain than ever before on the performance requirements of lubricants used on-board vessels worldwide.

Research & Development is the cornerstone of Total Lubmarine's activity. Researchers, chemists and engineers can be found at our Centre de Recherche de Solaize (CReS), situated near Lyon, France. Our researchers at CReS formulate marine lubricants designed for engines and technology of the future; develop fluids and greases for automotive, industrial, marine and high performance engines including Formula 1; improve existing product performance in accordance with regulatory and original equipment manufacturer requirements; improve product performance and reduce their environmental impact. Every day, a dedicated team of marine lubricant researchers identify and assess new chemistry formulations. The laboratory is equipped with actual marine engines and equipment to ensure that our marine lubricants perform well under simulated severe engine running conditions.

By choosing Total Lubmarine, ship operators can be assured to find a marine lubricant product range suitable for the marine engines and equipment of both today and tomorrow.

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