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Power plant Industry

Total Lubmarine has extensive experience in working with power plants. We are ready to support with pioneering lubricants for power generation that guarantee high safety margins, high levels of engine cleanliness and compatibility with all main fuel types.

Total Lubmarine delivers a comprehensive range of 2-stroke engine oils through TALUSIA cylinder oils and a top-quality range of trunk piston engine oils for high-medium speed engine via AURELIA and DISOLA.

We are present across the power plant industry, protecting steam turbines, gas turbines and generators, in addition to boiler feed pumps and mills, through our selection of auxiliary lubricants. This is achieved through PRESLIA turbine oils and EPONA open and enclosed gear oils.

Total Lubmarine also provides onshore support through our DIAGOMAR PLUS oil analysis laboratory. By carefully monitoring lubricant and vessel machinery condition, detecting and reacting to any abnormalities and contamination, the DIAGOMAR PLUS oil analysis lab prevents unnecessary wear or damage before it happens. Whether it is steam power, gas power or hydroelectric power plant, we can tailor a lubrication feed rate program that addresses your maintenance complexity.

By selecting the right lubricant, operators maximize production and profitability whilst reducing unscheduled downtime and increasing worker safety.