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Green Maritime Forum 2018

Große Elbstrasse 279
D-22767 Hamburg

Total Lubmarine’s own Technical Director, Jean-Philippe Roman will be speaking at this year’s Green Maritime Forum. The forum will offer a comprehensive program focusing on the expansion and development of shipping related processes.

Utilizing the knowledge of expert speakers, industry leaders will be able to obtain the tools and practices they need to cultivate the most innovative and environmentally-friendly Maritime business. Speakers and fellow attendees will engage and learn together, offering powerful insights on current industry trends, forming partnerships, identifying business growth opportunities, and cementing companies’ role as a force for good when they look for ways to protect the environment.

It is a perfect chance to meet marine professionals and industry luminaries.
Our team looks forward to welcoming you to exhibition and will be happy to discuss our latest technology and innovations. 

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Post event

For Total Lubmarine, Green Maritime Forum was a chance to showcase their agenda of environmental efficiency and sustainability – but also to help the wider industry understand the solutions they have at their disposal when it comes to the 2020 Sulphur Cap.

Representing the global lubricants supplier, Jean-Philippe Roman, Technical Director was in attendance, delivering an insightful presentation that set the landscape of 2020 – explaining industry solutions and Lubmarine’s own vision for the future of lubrication:

“We are in a very privileged position as part of the wider Total Group, with a close relationship to Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions – meaning access to 2020 fuels and LNG supply. Similarly, in our role as shipowners, operators and charterers, we know the issues that the industry will face – because we will face them too. 
The Green Maritime Forum was a fantastic chance to showcase our readiness, reliability and continued research – answering questions on how we can better serve the industry.”

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Green Maritime Forum 2018 - Jean-Philippe Roman