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13 Mannerheimvägen
Finlandia hall
00100 Helsinki

The CIMAC Congress is one of the most important international events in the field of large diesel and gas engines, covering also turbine applications.

Stringent exhaust emission legislation and fierce international competition has lead to increasingly sophisticated power systems while the pressure is still on reliability, higher value for money and easier maintenance.

Continuing change in the industry has brought varying degrees of environmental, safety, product liability and market constraints to each company and to each country. Many of these can be improved, prevented, reduced or even eliminated by concentrating on global communication.

On Wednesday morning, June 8th, in Wärtsila room, listen Jean-Philippe Roman, Total Lubmarine technical director, speaking about "Automatic on-line cylinder lubricant analyzer for in-service monitoring of 2-stroke slow speed engines – a key added value for users in 2-stroke engine management".

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Post event

Total Lubmarine and CMA CGM, a leading worldwide shipping group took part at the International Council on Combustion Engines (CIMAC) Congress in Helsinki, Finland.

Valérie Doyen of Total Lubmarine and Philippe Renaud of CMA CGM provided a joint presentation on how new technology can solve operating challenges of 2-stroke engines transiting the ECA zones. The presentation also showcased the soon to be launched Talusia Optima (a cylinder lube oil suitable for use with fuels ranging in sulphur content from 0-3.5%) capabilities and its wider potential.       

The two companies will be combining their expertise to prepare for stricter fuel regulations in the shipping industry and further reduce the sector’s footprint by developing solutions that are more environmentally friendly.