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Vancouver Convention Centre
999 Canada Place
BC V6C 3C1

CIMAC is the leading global non-profit Association of the Internal Combustion Machinery Industry consisting of National Member Associations and Corporate Members in 26 Countries in America, Asia and Europe.

Every three years CIMAC holds a major international congress and exhibition in one of its member countries. This is a unique opportunity to keep up to date with what is happening in internal combustion engine industry and to discuss with other specialists those topics which interest all most.

The 2019 Congress will once again bring together the leading experts from engine manufacturers, component and system suppliers, rail, marine and power plant operators and users, technical universities, classification societies, and oil companies around the globe

In panel discussions and keynote speeches, we will be challenged to broaden our perspectives. Customer benefits and value will be strongly emphasized during the Congress.

- Jean-Philippe Roman, Technical Director at Total Lubmarine, will intervene as a key speaker on Service Experience with Ester Based EAL for Stern Tubes - Speakers' Corner / Booth 023 from 12:35 to 13:05 on June 13.

- Catherine Amblard, Senior Research Engineer at Total Lubricants research centre (CRES), will intervene as a key speaker on The Challenge of CO2 Emissions Reduction - Technical Session / Booth 226 from 13:30 to 15:00 on June 13.

This is clearly an opportunity that will help in making the right decisions for the future. 

Post event

Presenting the findings at the 29th CIMAC World Congress in Vancouver, Total Lubmarine’s Technical Director Jean-Philippe Roman said:

“We undertook an extensive study based on close to 39,000 used oil analysis samples and 6,700 unique vessel/lubricant combination. We analyzed Total Lubmarine’s BIONEPTAN 100 and BIONEPTAN HT 100 range which are manufactured from unsaturated and saturated synthetic ester base oil, as well as other EALs and mineral stern tube lube oils. We concluded that under normal operating conditions EAL lube oils perform better than mineral lube oils. However, at certain temperatures, we observed different wear behavior on the stern tubes lubricated by EALs.”

Total Lubmarine has conducted an in-depth analysis of the impact of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) on stern tubes and concluded that Total’s EALs do not underperform compared to mineral-based lubricants.