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International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction

Total Lubmarine 10 year zero incident anniversary
Total Lubmarine 10 year zero incident anniversary

Today celebrates how people and communities around the world are raising awareness about the importance of reining in the risks that they face.

We are joining this year’s theme and conveying a message across all our networks that incidents can be avoided or prevented if there are risk management strategies in place to control and reduce existing levels of risk, and avoid the creation of new risk.

It is why for us we are proud to share with you our achievement of our 10th year of safe working practices without a TRIR accident.

It shows our employee’s, partners and client’s dedication and commitment to working safely across the Total Lubmarine network, by using awareness of your surroundings to understand the potential issues that could impact safe operating practices.

Our 10 year zero incident anniversary recognises our world class approach to safety as a key driver in how we do business, and is an intrinsic element to how we each behave, operate and go about our everyday lives. We have every reason to be proud, but we also have every reason to remain vigilant going forward in to 2021, and beyond.

Thank you to our everyone across our network for making sure safety is front of mind. Let’s aim together to reach another 10 year TRIR-free milestone.

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