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Marine System Oils

When lubricating slow speed 2-stroke crosshead diesel engines, the ATLANTA MARINE D range of marine system oils with its anti-oxidant properties enables shipowners to prevent engine wear.
The problems of engine rust and corrosion can be stopped in their tracks. Its water separation and insoluble separation abilities prevent the build-up of liquids.

ATLANTA MARINE D has been specifically designed for slow speed 2-stroke engines and is available in numerous viscosity grades. This wide range of grades ensures that maritime companies are able to ensure the optimal level of system oil viscosity when topping up.

ATLANTA MARINE D system oils deliver:
- excellent detergency, thermal stability and resistance to foaming,
- anti-rust and anti-corrosive capabilities,
- protection of all lubricated components.

ATLANTA MARINE D system oils have been developed in close collaboration with the three main 2-stroke OEMs - MAN Energy Solutions, WinGD (WÄRTSILÄ) and MHI-MME - and meet their requirements for crankshafts, oil cooled pistons and shaft bearings.

Premium The full list of marine and auxiliary lubricants, including a full range of synthetic lubricants and greases, is available in ports designated as Premium.
Core The core range of marine and auxiliary lubricants meeting most common marine lubricant applications is available in ports designated as Core.
Limited Only a limited range and limited quantity of marine lubricants is available in ports designated as Limited.
S.I. Subject to Inquiry. Please contact our office to receive confirmation of stock availability and date of delivery.

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System Oils

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S.I. Marine system oil for slow-speed 2-stroke engines used to top up when the viscosity of the system oil in service is too high
Port Availability: 20 6 Download


Marine system oil specifically designed for the lubrication of slow speed 2-stroke crosshead diesel engines to optimize the overall viscosity of your system oil
Port Availability: 30 6 Download

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