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Talusia Optima - The Optimum Single Oil

At Lubmarine, we aim to simplify ship operators' daily processes by providing flexibility and cost-effectiveness through innovative products and services. As the pioneer of the single oil concept, we have pushed our innovation further, using brand new chemistry to create TALUSIA OPTIMA, the next generation marine cylinder oil.

TALUSIA OPTIMA is a BN 100 marine cylinder oil suitable for the most demanding Tier III two-stroke engines and for operations with fuels of a sulfur content range between 0.0 to 3.5%. This revolutionary lubricant was developed through intensive R&D at our renowned Solaize Research Center (CRES).

TALUSIA OPTIMA has been formulated using Ash Free Neutralizing Molecules (ANM), a unique and patented technology which provides fast and effective acid neutralization without any undesired mineral deposit build-up. High-quality mineral components are used in combination with ANM to provide detergency and cleanliness.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs),' MAN Energy Solutions and WinGD (Wärtsilä), have issued Non-Objection Letters (NOLs) for the use of TALUSIA OPTIMA with their entire two-stroke engine range. This follows challenging sea trials of more than 4000 running hours using a wide variety of fuels ranging from 0.0 to 3.5% in sulfur content.


Talusia Optima’s innovative chemical composition neutralizes acid faster and more effectively than any other formula. Suitable in a wide range of contexts for any engine burning any fuel from 0.0 to 3.5% sulphur. Apply less oil for the same performance and significantly lower lube oil feed rates...
Listen to Jean-Philippe Roman, Technical Director at Total Lubmarine, explaining our new patented technology and the benefits of Ashfree Neutralizing Molecule (ANM).
Listen the testimony of Martin Lüthi, field test service engineer for WinGD, talking about cleanliness results, while using Talusia Optima.
Discover the conclusions of Damir Lukacic, chief engineer on CMA CGM Corte Real, using Talusia Optima during several running hours on sea.
Share the views of Damir Lukavik, chief engineer on CMA CGM Corte Real, about how Talusia Optima simplify life on board.
Conclusions about the use and the results of Talusia Optima : 3 different interviewees : Stuart Fuller, marine engineer in UK for Total Lubmarine, Damir Lukacic, chief engineer on CMA CGM Corte Real, and Martin Lüthi, field test service engineer for WinGD.

Press Releases

Paris, France June 14, 2018 - Global marine lubricant provider Total Lubmarine has announced that it has received two No Objection Letters (NOL) from equipment manufacturer MAN Diesel and Turbo – in recognition of the effectiveness of two of its products. These latest NOLs re-affirm the close relationship between Total Lubmarine and MAN.The first NOL recognises the excellent performance of cylinder oils TALUSIA HR 140, and approves it for use in MAN engines. TALUSIA HR 140 – which has a higher BN (base number) than most of its market counterparts – offers the best solution for corrosive engines. Designed for slow speed engines running on High Sulfur Fuel Oil (HSFO), TALUSIA HR 140 has high acid neutralisation capacity, ensuring excellent cylinder protection.
Total Lubmarine has received a No Objection Letter from MAN Diesel & Turbo for the use of its cylinder lube oil, Talusia Optima, 100 BN in the engine manufacturer’s two-stroke engine designs. 
Leading lubricants supplier Total Lubmarine has today (8 September 2016) launched Talusia Optima, a new cylinder lube oil compatible with high sulphur heavy fuel oils and ultra-low sulphur distillate fuels.
Leading lubricants supplier Total Lubmarine has received a no objection letter from Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WinGD) for the use of its cylinder lubricant Talusia Optima with the whole range of Wärtsilä engine.

Delivering Results


Suitable for use with fuels ranging from 0.0 to 3.5% sulphur content means only one cylinder oil needs be used onboard. This reduces shore team and crew workloads by avoiding lube oil switchovers; reducing the number of orders;minimizing bunkering operations as well as lowering the risk of human error. Cost savings are also enabled by doing away with the extra storage, stock and equipment needed when dealing with several products.


TALUSIA OPTIMA's outstanding performance allows for a reduced Lube Oil Feed Rate (LOFR) without compromising on engine protection.
Depending on engine types and operating conditions, optimizations of up to 30% can be expected. Your Marine Lubricant Engineer can help you achieve these results rapidly, allowing you to make big savings.


Safety at sea is our shared priority. The outstanding performance and great flexibility of TALUSIA OPTIMA provide ship operators with very high safety margins regardless of the sulfur content of the fuel powering the engines. Risk of engine failure is at its lowest level and wear is greatly reduced.
Consequently, savings can be made on maintenance costs by extending overhaul periods.

Risk of engine failure
is at its lowest