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Port Supply Restrictions Information now available on website
Port Supply Restrictions Information now available on website

Seemingly no matter where we are in the world, the Coronavirus Pandemic has had a massive impact on life – both personal and business.

One of the Total Group’s core values is safety and this has been and continues to be a major priority for us at this time, extending to everyone across the Total Lubmarine customer and supply chain network.

At the same time we have been working hard to minimize the impact the outbreak has on our ability to deliver our products, services and ongoing technical support.

In this critical phase of the pandemic, where restricted movement is essential to help minimize the threat of the virus spreading further, we have activated our Business Continuity Plan across our global sites. This has seen our commercial, technical and administrative teams now largely working from home.

Whilst the way we work in some core areas of the business may have temporarily changed, our teams remain available in a ‘business as usual capacity’ to help with any of your business needs – through methods including video conferencing, phone and email communication.

Below we have outlined the latest updates from across our business divisions within Total Lubmarine enabling you to keep up to date with all our operations.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Our major manufacturing facilities are all operating at their normal capacity including our Singapore plant which has returned to full capacity after the supply constraints suffered over the 4 past weeks were resolved.

Global Supply Chain Overall

There are no current issues with supplies of main grades due to lack of products or due to our own local supply chain capability. However, as you can appreciate, the Coronavirus outbreak has had a significant impact on delivery capabilities to ports on a country-by-country basis. As a result our supply chain capabilities are reflected by the individual Coronavirus protocols in place in each country.

We will be regularly updating our online International Ports Directory on delivery status per port, so please continue to review the IPD for updates.

Port/Supply restriction list is now availablefor download in pdf, visit

 Customer Services

Our Customer Service Officers have implemented remote-working in conjunction with our Business Continuity Plans and continue to provide the best possible level of service in managing your enquiries and deliveries.

Customer Service Officers can be contactable via email and mobile phones and will be able to continue to keep you updated with the latest information on any possible further restrictions to supplies that are announced by Port or Governmental authorities.

Committed to Safety and Service

Our number one priority remains the safety and well-being of everyone across the Total Lubmarine Network. We are assessing the situation on a day-to-day basis across our operations in the current circumstances and we will continue to keep you fully up to date with changes as they happen.

In such challenging times we hope everyone can remain safe and we send our best wishes – not just for those at home – but for the thousands of seafarers currently at sea, many of whom continue to spend extended periods aboard their vessels which are – like communities ashore – on lockdown.


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