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Success Continues for Total Lubmarine in the Panama Canal

In 2013, international marine lubricant supplier Total Lubmarine secured a contract to supply lubricating oil to the Miraflores power plant in the Panama Canal – an installation located near the existing locks, a few miles from Panama City. Following this success, Total Lubmarine was also awarded in last year’s tender process, continuing to supply lubrication to the four-stroke power plant at Miraflores until 2020.

In recognition of its international renown and continued dedication to the Panama Canal Authority, Total Lubmarine is happy to announced that it has been also awarded with the contract for supplying its premium cylinder and system oils, Talusia Universal and Atlanta Marine D 3005 – lubricating the two-strokes of the Authority’s power plant, which are powered by two MAN 12K80MC engines.

The two low-speed MAN B&W 12K80MC-S engines which formed part of the expansion of the Miraflores installation, the first two-stroke stationary power plant in Panama and Central America, a market previously dominated by four-stroke power plants.

This contract represents continued success for Total Lubmarine and its partner in Panama, Maxum Oil Services, which have been the sole supplier of lubricants for these plants since their commissioning in 2014. A great-continued history of supplying high quality products and an immaculate services sheet helped both Lubmarine and Maxum to retain this contract.

Total Lubmarine has been working in Panama since 2011 under a marketing cooperation agreement with Maxum Oil Services, which includes the distribution of marine and power plant sales in Panama. As part of this agreement, Lubmarine’s Aurelia TI products have been used to lubricate three new power plants in the region.

Total Lubmarine will supply lubricant to the new Miraflores plant during March and April this year, in accordance with the exact delivery needs of the Panama Canal authorities.

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