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WT Supra S.I.


Coolants and corrosion inhibitor

Total Lubmarine’s premium quality coolant and corrosion inhibitor, WT SUPRA, utilizes the latest organic technology, delivering high performance and extended service life to your engine, reducing overall maintenance costs.

Formulated using unique organic carboxylate technologies, WT SUPRA contains none of the inorganic ingredients, such as phosphates, nitrates, amines, boron or silicates, typically found in coolants. This affords protection to the environment due to its non-polluting properties and allows for reduced disposal costs.


  • Density @ 15°C 1.060
  • Density @ 20°C 1.058
  • pH 9.4
  • Cloud Point -15°C
  • Water Content % W/W 68
  • Inhibitor Content % W/W 32
TDS - Technical
Data Sheet
Last update: 25.11.19
SDS - Safety Data Sheet Last update: 19.07.20

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