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Drain Oil Analysis & Optimization

Over lubrication can increase lubrication costs and cause a build-up of damaging deposits. Whilst under lubrication can lead to abrasive and corrosive wear and unplanned maintenance costs. 

Underlining OEM advice on cylinder oil condition standards, Lubmarine ensures lubrication onboard optimization and tailored to ship owners specific needs. We aim to simplify crews’ daily operations with DRAIN OIL ANALYSIS services:

- DRAIN OIL STANDARD provides an easy-to-read analysis report to quickly identify lubrication issues,
- DRAIN OIL ADVANCED details all the relevant information about the condition of the 2-stroke engine within a unique user-friendly report,
- DRAIN OIL OPTIMIZE pictures a holistic view of the 2-stroke engine lube oil feed rate in combination with the lubrication performance.

Our comprehensive engine oil condition program is designed to monitor and fine-tune the lubrication of marine 2-stroke engines, all driven by the expertise and professional advice of our highly-trained Marine Lubrication Engineers.

So whether you choose a detailed look into your vessel engines condition or a holistic view over the course of a year – We are at your side.


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