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Total Lubmarine Welcomes Total Lubrificantes do Brasil to its Distribution Network

As of January 22, Total Lubrificantes do Brasil, the Brazilian subsidiary within the Total Group, will join Total Lubmarine’s global distribution network – introducing a vital link to over 30 Brazilian ports.

Total Lubrificantes has been present in Brazil since 1998, with headquarters in São Paulo and a 100,000 m² factory in Pindamonhangaba. It has traditionally specialised in automotive, agricultural, and marine lubrication, and has over 250 employees, as well as a production capacity of around 70 thousand tons of lubricants per year.

As a network partner, Total Lubrificantes will serve Total Lubmarine’s international clients that stop in the Brazilian ports; they will supply the product for vessels that operate around the Brazilian coast; and they will build relationships with powerplants – which use engines similar to that of a large vessel.

Robert Joore, General Manager of Total Lubmarine stated:

“Total Lubrificantes is an exciting addition to our global distribution network and will be an invaluable asset to Lubmarine moving forward. Despite a fall in the Brazilian Lubricants market last year, they have continued to perform well, with sale volumes up by 7% – despite the challenges they faced. By bringing our international clients together with their regional knowledge, we are sure to create a relationship that will benefit our clients through improved services and increased expertise.”

Olivier Bellion, who has been Managing Director at Total Lubrificantes for over 2 years, and a former manager at Total Lubmarine highlighted the benefits of working together:

“We are proud to have developed an efficient and secure logistics network in the region, delivering access to cruise ships, coastal shipping vessels, fishing vessels and oil platforms – all potential customers for Total Lubmarine now we are part of their network. We look forward to delivering Lubmarine’s renowned products and services across the 30 ports the we reliably serve.”

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